Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first step in sending a proposal to the Foundation?

If you have not been funded by the Foundation before or it has been more than two years since your last grant, the first step is a letter of inquiry. The LOI can be found by going to the Applying section of our website and creating an account. The LOI form will appear.

If we were funded last year do we need to do an LOI?

No, if you received funding last year you should go to your account on our website and complete the application for this year. The first question on that application is about a report from last year’s grant.

May an applicant discuss its letter of inquiry or proposal with the Foundation?

We suggest that you email if you have questions and we will be in touch with you that way.

Is there anything you will not fund?

  • Organizations that don’t have 501 © 3 status
  • Loans
  • Direct grants to individuals or personal businesses
  • Litigation
  • Travel expenses for bands and sports teams
  • Charter schools
  • Political candidates or lobbying activity
  • Advertising for fundraising events

This list is not all-inclusive. There are many reasons why proposals are declined.

Are there geographic restrictions?

We fund in New Jersey with particular interest in Middlesex and Union Counties. Secondarily, we fund in Mercer and Somerset counties. We fund the local branches of national organizations and also some international relief organizations.

If a letter of inquiry is selected for the full proposal, then what?

An organization that is selected for a full proposal will be notified in 2-4 weeks. If you go back to your account on our website at that time, the application will be available.

Are there application deadlines?

No. The Foundation reviews proposals every 30 days and your proposal will be considered on the next agenda after it is received.

Do you fund general operating expenses?

Yes. The Foundation funds general operating expenses.

How much money should we request?

Your request should be based on your project, but our average grants range from $1,000-$10,000. It is important that your proposal explain as specifically as possible, how the money will be used.

What kind of budget information do you require?

For requests for general operating support we require the budget for the entire organization. For specific projects we need the budget for the project, as well as the budget of the entire organization.

How should the proposal be delivered?

 We only accept Letters of Inquiry and proposals online through our website.

When will we know if our proposal is being funded?

 You will hear from us in 2-4 weeks after a letter of inquiry is submitted and within 60 days of a proposal being submitted.

Is a site visit customary?

A site visit may be required for new applicants. Applicants should be proactive in offering site visits. We rely on grantees to notify us of their activities so that trustees may attend as appropriate.

If we are declined may we submit another proposal?

Yes, another proposal may be sent for a different project. Or, wait a year to reapply for the same type of project. We suggest you email us at before submitting a second application.

If we are funded for one year, can we count on receiving funding in future years?

Some grants are for one year and grantees need to reapply each year. One year of funding does not guarantee future funding. Other grants are multi-year (up to three years). Those require submitting an annual report before the next year’s funds are released.

Is there a specific format for grant reports?

If you are applying again, the first question on the application is a place for the report from last year.

Is there a limit to the number of grants one organization can receive in one year?

Organizations can only receive one grant in a given calendar year. You must decide what your priority is and make your request accordingly.